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The linked resources are a great feature in Affinity, but there is any way how I can use that linked resource as a mask for another layer/group?
Or link that B&W image in my file (somewhere), and then link(as layer linking) its luminosity to another layer - as a mask or something?
I am just trying to move my render composition workflow to Affinity, and linked resources are great, but I have rendered alpha masks and z-depth channels. And would be nice to have them linked and working.

Thanks in advance of any suggestion, cheers!

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For example, duplicate the placed images as "linked layers": Layer > Duplicate Linked (not to be confused with Resources > Linked placement!), open the Links panel and disable the parameters that you want to have unliked, i.e. which to keep unique for each layer.
If you want to use a brush on those layer, you must rasterize them to pixel layers first. Duplicate-linked pixel layers can be also individually converted to mask layers, again sharing some linked parameters.
To a certain degree you can also link common parameters between image/pixel/mask layers, fill layers and vector layers.

You'll have to figure out the rest on your own. :)
The combinations of available linked/unlinked parameters
with other layer interactions are not "unlimited", but still pretty broad.

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