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Hello. I was wondering if Affinity Photo can use Topaz Plugins? In particular Remask 5. This is of interest to me so if any answer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :D





Jose A De Leon

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Hi Chepo1956,


Most of the Topaz plugins work with Affinity I'm not sure if Remask 5 does however. I have included a guide below on how to install these plugins for Affinity photo if you would like to give it a try :)







I'd just like to take a few minutes to explain how PS 64bit "8BFM" plugins work in Affinity Photo, and maybe answer a few commonly asked questions in the process. Here goes..


1.) Set up the "Plugin Search Folders" list in Preferences - this just means "tell Photo where the .plugin files are". You can add as many folders as you like, but usually, if you currently own Photoshop, you should be pointing it to "/Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS6/Plug-ins" (or similar, depending on your PS version and install location).


2.) The next part is more complicated. Photo is a Sandboxed application. This is the necessary for us to be able to ship on the App Store. A Sandboxed app is restricted - it can only look at files which the user tells it it is allowed to look at. Many plugins require more files than the .plugin itself to operate - but because of the Sandbox restriction, most plugins panic when they load because they cannot access files which they need to operate.. so..


You have two options here - you could figure out which folders are required for your plugin to work - they usually install their things in /Applications, or /Library/Application Support - but if they are trial versions, then they could need to access other folders, and all bets are off.. so..


There is an easier way to set up plugin support folders. You can make Photo behave like a non-Sandboxed app by telling it that it is able to access any file it wants - just like Photoshop etc.


If you want to do this, the recipe is:


a.) Affinity Photo -> Preferences -> Photoshop Plugins.

b.) Plugin Support Folders -> Add Folder.

c.) Shift+Cmd+G to bring up "Go to the folder" text input.

d.) Type "/" (in other words, root, everything). Press "Ok" a few times.

e.) Photo should show just "/" in the plugin support list.

f.) Restart Photo.


Eventually, we will establish exactly which folders each plugin needs, and put that information into the topics in the "Plugin Support" forum here - but until that point, adding the "/" support folder will allow you to "see what we see" when testing plugins.


Hope this helps,




I hope this helps


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