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Multiple Anchors, Remove Anchors at studio not working

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I was about to start to organize the bookmarks/anchors in the file when i notice there are already several anchors in the file.

I didn't create those. Among them are the ones i created via Table of Contents.

That's not even the biggest issue. To sort the above problem I should just go to View > Studio > Anchors and the delete the anchors there, but it's not working i would have to go in each anchor and delete it manually.



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Same problem. They seem to be created by the Table of Contents creation tool when you generate the TOC. It's extremely frustrating, and after hours of searching online through tutorials and guides, I've found no solution. It would have been easier to manually create the TOC myself.

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This is not a bug! It is by design. This should be a feature request.


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It's not just pure duplication, if you disable/delete some of the duplicates, it disables/deletes the correct ones as well. You see in the attached how there is a "Part 1   Decoding BEE" then there's one with sub-sections, "1.0 Part 1 Decoding BEE". I can't delete or disable the duplicate since doing that will also delete/disable the other one with a similar name (I renamed it) since that's actually one I need. The numbers are to get them in the correct order since there is no way to re-order them. This is quite urgent for me as the publisher is calling my PDF exports scruffy with these bookmarks in such disarray.

I'm was working in v1.9.2.1035 then tried beta v1.10.0.113 but came up with the same issues.


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