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Does Affinity Design have these Illustrator equivalents?

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 Does Affinity Designer have the Illustrator equivalent for:

1. Asset Export

2. Smooth tool

3. Trace

4. Shape Builder

5. Lasso Tool

6. Create Outlines


Does it have the same glitch Illustrator has when sometimes you export an artboard and the dimensions are off by one pixel?

Also, does it also have an issue similar to Illustrator where you will create a pattern and a thin white line will show in the pattern that doesn't actually exist?




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2 hours ago, jeaney said:

the "half" lasso selection tool ?

It's a "sub-tool" of the Node tool, available with a modifier. It only works if you already have a selection of curve objects and want to select or deselect a specific area of nodes.
Activate the Node tool, select a few curves, read the modifier hints in the info bar at the bootom of the window, rehearse your modifier finger placing as if you would practice piano… :)

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