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Failure to save document - due to internal error - should be reported to the development team

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Hello Forum,


As I am completely new here a short intro: I am a Dutch marketer who is developing into the direction of making and publishing books. Currently, I am focussed at the build of drawing books. To do so, I make use of Affinity Publisher and Affinity Designer. I am an absolute newbie in this area.

Today, after adding a couple of adapted images into AP/AD, I wanted to save the file (or better: the artboard).  Unfortunately, the program doesn't allow me although this has been no problem the last couple of days.

The message shown shows the text as in the title: "Failed to save document <name>. Save failed due to internal error. This should be reported to the development team." (See attached screenshot)

Also "saving as" and "saving as a package" did not work. Exporting the file as a pdf does work and shows my latest changes, however, I would like to save the file in AP too, to continue working on a later moment.

I have tried to find a similar question in the FAQ section but couldn't find one. If I have missed it, could someone please point me into the proper direction?

I am using a brand new Mac mini with 16Gb and have AP/AD 1.9.2.

Does anyone have an idea what has gone wrong here?

Schermafbeelding 2021-04-15 om 13.45.30.png

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HI @Almenaar Welcome tot he Affinity forums! Sorry for the delay in replying to your post. 

Do you still have the document open by any chance? It might be worth copying the elements from the original document into a new one if you do. You can see if it will save after each step. If you do it roughly in the order that you originally added things this might shed some light onto what the issue is. It could be that one of the adapted images is somehow stopping it from saving.

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