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Hi There, how on earth do I pick colours from an existing gradient, without just using the eyedropper as close to the edges as possible and hoping i get the 'full' end stop colour, not just one of the in-between shades?

Lets say I open a file provided by a client and an object has a gradient of blue to grey.
I want to use the same blue and grey to create other objects.
I can't use the eyedropper as I might not get the full blue or the full grey if I don't click right at the edge of an object fill.

Is there an easy way to 'name all colours' or 'add all colors to swatches' that will know the gradient is basically just comprised of 2 solid colours?

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1 hour ago, Checkmate said:

an object has a gradient of blue to grey.
I want to use the same blue and grey to create other objects

It's a bit counterintuitive to recall the "proper" workflow if you don't use it often (I don't), but in fact it's pretty easy:

  1. select the gradient object with the Fill tool
  2. on the object, click the stop that you want to copy to make it the active fill
  3. click the "Add current fill to palette" in the Swatches panel
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