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Hi all,
I have contacted support last year about a problem I have with the export persona in Designer and it still won't work today. I have also tried to recontact them over email but got no answer probably because WFH. So I decided to write here.email.thumb.png.32e84a0dbf7f805a91c05eef9cf85169.png

Basically the problem is that I can't seem to use the export persona for anything else but iCloud and iPad. All other options are greyed out and no matter what I do (Reauthorize through Files App, logout and login again, etc.) I cannot choose any other save location but iPad or iCloud.export.thumb.png.2c9bf9a1d135e44693ec9b6fa161cbad.png

Does anyone know what the Problem might be? I have also switched iPad to make sure it was not an OS corruption Problem, the bug still persists. I cannot take the solution of first exporting to iPad and then moving my files anymore as it destroys my workflow.

Would be nice if anyone knows a solution to this.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Ok, so as soon as I posted this, I got an answer from Affinity.

Quoting the email down here:

Hi shrtcrct,
I'm afraid It's still an outstanding issue with our developers as it relates to how the export persona can export to multiple files. I'll bump the log to see if it gets any new updates.
Many thanks,
xxx @ Affinity Support

So yeah, apparently nobody needs the export persona to export directly to other services? Is it such a niche functionality?

If anyone has an idea on how to maybe workaround this, please let me know. 🤔

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