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Exporting transparency to PDF

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Hi there! 


I have a problem with transparent groups.

They are getting rasterized when after exporting to PDF.



Screenshot from Affinity:  https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29112876/Screenshot%202015-10-15%2011.08.36.png


Screenshot of the generated PDF: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29112876/Screenshot%202015-10-15%2011.12.02.png


Left set of shapes (rasterized in PDF) created by applying transparency on the group.


Right set of shapes - transparency applied to the shape layers. 




Pdf and affinity files are attached as well. 


Is there any way to make PDF not to rasterize transparent groups? 





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Hi Sergiy, welcome to the Affinity forums.


Not in the current Mac App Store version, I'm afraid. We do have a customer beta that is better at handling transparency, if you are willing to try that. The Mac App Store version will be updated with the beta's improvements in a few months.

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Hello Dave,


Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately it's still the same result with the Beta.


Hopefully we are going to see an improvement soon. 


Thank you for an awesome product! 

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Sergiy, try turning on Snap to pixel and to whole pixel.

Then, select the group on the left, and just move it a little bit until it snap. Save it, and export to PDF, yo will see both groups look sharp.

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