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I desperately want a feature in Affinity Photo that has the ability to paint 3d objects like in photoshop. I love this program, but it is sadly missing this feature. Is it possible that this could be added? I would gladly spend extra dollars for it, or even create a program that does 3d painting. Please consider this. Surely I'm not the only one who would love to have a 3d option. 

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I respect your opinion, John, but I feel that this would be a  help for 3D artists and it would be great. IMHO...Affinity Photo is fabulous, but in due respect, Photo Shop has that option, and it is  a real good additon to have. The other alternative is to create a Stand Alone 3D Paint program. In all honesty, I would rather use Affinity than Photo shop. The  people who created it, are in my opinion, fabulous, creative and innovative.  The idea of using Affinity Photo for realistic backgrounds and then being able to add 3d objects makes it an exciting blend. Thanks for your input, though. 

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32 minutes ago, HoneyK said:

Photo Shop has that option, and it is  a real good additon to have.

Back in the distant past, before the Schmadobe CC scam came to rule them all, Photoshop CS5.5 "Extended" with 3D capabilities was only available at a massive surcharge to the regular beast.

I passed.

In other words, this is obviously a highly advanced feature.
While always "nice to have" – just as every candy that there is – I can imagine that it takes a long way to actually make it work. I somewhat doubt that this complex feature will be Serif's priority for the next few years to come. Heck, we haven't even got vector warp tools in Designer yet. Something that my beloved Freehand 9 could do over two decades ago. :/

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22 hours ago, HoneyK said:

Photo Shop has that option, and it is  a real good additon to have. The other alternative is to create a Stand Alone 3D Paint program

I'm a 3d artist, and photoshop's 3d features are awful and I would never use it.

The other alternative is to use an exisiting stand alone 3d program, which is already available and designed specifically for the task. Then use Affinity Photo to comp in the 3d elements, which is what AP is designed for.

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There are plans to add more support for 3D artists.



(I have two documents open here - you can see the texture itself, the other document is the normal map - both are being edited and a realtime preview is being rendered on a .obj model in the new Model panel).




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If they ate willing to make improvements for game art  I'd rather expect some  features and live effects  useful to work with modern  RBR materials and their compositing.  

Multichannel editing through height, roughness, normal maps.  Cryptomatte to layer masks.   Depth combine ( we need transform links for that) . Easy dynamically calculating masks without insane layer stack.  Live filters usable  for modern materials  like height to  normal map or cavity.  Image  warping loops  aka  slope blur,  few easily adjustable noises  and  direction input deformers  and probably a node based interface to make  your own live filters.  ( I don't understand a thing in current "procedural" filter)   "Layer comps"  for  material channels with export persona    exporting them   etc

Would love something artist friendly unlike Adobe Substance Designer  and less toyish  and useless than Alchemist


As of painting all this on 3d mesh  I am not interested.  Marmoset, 3d coat,  MAri,  free Blender or super simple Armor Paint  which you could build  yourself for free.


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