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I want a selection that I made to be filled simply completely with one color. I used the fill tool and changed tolerance to 100%. However, some dark pixels have alpha in them and they are not being overwritten. How can I simply make every pixel of the selection white, with no alpha?


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Welcome to the forums @Rob_87
I’ve tried to replicate what you are getting but cannot (see attached video).
Would you be able to supply the document (or a cropped version) so we can experiment?

Note: In your first image, the Flood Fill won’t affect the pixels outside of the selection so you could be missing some pixels from your selection anyway; you need to make sure that the selection covers all of the pixels you want to affect.

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Also, note that the selected area, as shown by the marching ants is only approximate. The ants include pixels that are at least 50% selected, but there may be pixels outside marching ants that are partially selected.

Perhaps that helps explain what you are seeing.

-- Walt

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