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is posible to do this? how?

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There is a feature that I use regularly in freehand and illustrator and is able to make a path already double the time to increase positively or negatively. is often used to outline objects, texts etc ...
in freehand in one step, and then you do conseguias marcabas a negative or positive value and the path is towards outward or inward.

Can you do this in AD? as?

Is there a control panel that efforts pictures we have in the document? if they are embedded, if they are RGB or CMYK etc ...


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Hi macjuancho,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)


1) There isn't an outline/offset tool yet but it's planned (although not listed in our roadmap).

Currently the only way to do this is to create a stroke with the width you need, then convert it to a shape (menu Layer ▸ Expand Stroke) and finally breaking the shape in two separate paths (menu Layer ▸ Geometry ▸ Divide).


2) No, currently no.

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