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Multiple page documents.

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Have you checked the forum? There's tones of feedback here.

Yes I know, that's why i said Serif is a refreshing company with a lot of support.  I am not stating otherwise (it is early days to judge whether feedback is acted on, I have no reason to doubt, I am impressed so far).

You can never have enough feedback from your customers, as developing in a bubble would be a plan for failure.

I do think we are saying the same thing, from slightly different viewpoints

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Carlos I am not sure if Affinity needs a product that takes on every single feature that is in Photoshop. Some people believe that Photoshop already takes on too many areas and should be split apart into smaller apps. One advantages that some of PS's competitors have over PS is that they don't bring along all the legacy bloat. It's important to keep in mind that the age of many of Adobe's apps can be as big of a negative as it can be a positive. Also I find that I don't spend as much time in PS anymore. A lot of people's workflows have shifted over to raw processing apps like LR, Capture One Pro, and Apple's up coming Photos app for Mac.


I don't know what you are looking for in a page layout app but there are some options out there today. Printworks is a new one that has come out from a great company. I haven't used it but the reviews seem to be pretty good.


I am not so sure what I think about multiple pages in an illustration app. I used to use FH for an illustration program not because it did a great job but only because I found it was less buggy then PageMaker (I didn't have time to learn the fledgling ID back then.) Illustrator didn't get multiple pages until version 13 and I don't think that decision was due to technical limitations by Adobe.


I think the best approach is to do what Sketch does and not have fixed page sizes but instead a unlimited canvas to work with that can later be split into artboards. I think when you make an illustration it's a totally different discipline then doing a page layout. When you start a layout you usually know the dimensions of your book, website, email ad, business card, etc. But sometimes when I start to draw I don't want to think about what size something is going to be. I can worry about a designs dimensions later when I bring my illustrations (and photos and text) into the layout software.

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Illustrator hijacked Artboards from Freehand. If you'll notice, a lot of the "new" features--including InDesign outputting SWF--were a direct result of Adobe getting their hands on Freehand. IMHO, this is the real reason they buried it. Freehand was able to do things Illustrator couldn't...until after the buyout.

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Here are the screen shots from Freehand Pasteboard.


This shows 8 separate pages of varying sizes sitting on the Pasteboard.

This is a zoomed in view (second option of 3).





To give you an indication of the size of Freehands Pasteboard here's the zoomed out view.

Yes, those small things in the bottom left corner are the pages.

Freehands Pasteboard measured 5.63m x 5.63m.



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I gave it a try. My opinion is artboards is not a good solution for a multi page document, maybe a few pages, but not more than 3. There's no way to navigate to a selected artboard and then make it "fit to screen." Navigator does not show the individual artboards. Layers does not hide an artboard when its visibility box is unchecked. I'll keep using Pages. It's now 3 years since in this thread it was said by a moderator that Publisher was coming next year. Now I read Publisher beta will be released at the end of 2016 (maybe it was, but not to the public), and Publisher will be released in 2017. I hope this happens soon, until then I will continue to use Pages.

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Now I read Publisher beta will be released at the end of 2016 (maybe it was, but not to the public), and Publisher will be released in 2017.


That must have been in yet another old thread! The Publisher public beta is currently due some time before the end of this year but it will be several months before the retail version is ready, so I don't think we should expect the finished product to be available before next year (2018).

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Hi Mr K,

Affinity Designer is not intended to be a desktop publishing app - it's an hybrid vector/raster app for web/graphic/ui design & illustration. You can use artboards as pages as i explained above but it's not really the best tool for laying out complex multipage documents. That's the purpose of Affinity Publisher.

Affinity Publisher is in development and we will post/announce the Beta here and in the social media as soon as there's news.

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On 10/3/2014 at 1:22 AM, Ben said:

Designer is our illustration app, similar to DrawPlus - presently it only shows one page.  We will be releasing Affinity Publisher next year that will have all the features you'd expect for publication, including multiple pages.  Also, our file format will work seamlessly between all Affinity apps.



Is there plan to release Affinity Publisher?


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