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Hi, hope you are all well. Thanks for the latest beta.

I am just disappointed that the Procedural Texture bug has not been fixed yet. This wasn't an issue in the 1.8 versions, it was introduced when 1.9 was released. I am just a bit concerned that this will end up being one of those bugs that hangs around for years 😞

I appreciate all the hard work you do, yes I know it is reported in the main bugs forum, I just wanted to add it here as an extra reminder 😀 We are in the GM Seed phase so doubt it will be fixed for this release... would be great if it was though.



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29 minutes ago, Chris B said:

All we can ask you to do is check it with every patch and remind us it isn't fixed so we can keep bumping it. I'm sorry =/ 

Thanks Chris, don’t worry I will keep reminding you 😀 I appreciate how difficult things still are, I was just hoping that things that got broken in 1.9 would have been fixed by now.

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I am also making a plea for the return of Procedural Textures. It’s frustrating to lose functionality after incorporating into my workflow. Dave’s/user developed macros using Procedural Textures, for selection based on attributes are a significant enhancement to the native attribute selections. Also, Procedural Textures is a general tool to address a wide variety of functionality, potentially relieving pressure on the team. Clearly the team is working hard to implement a very capable infrastructure and dealing with shifting ground like the new M1 so there is a lot of flux to deal with, but I am voting for a bit more continuity. Thx

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Hi Murfee

Thanks for the update

I wonder when a major feature in a previous version will be fixed and how long it takes to correct this.

I too am waiting for this. I have switched back to LR and PS until this and basic colour aberrations adjustments are fixed and work as well as Adobe products.

It is too bad because I actually prefer Affinity photo but the complaints and missing features that would stream line work flow are also missing.

Thanks again

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