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FontBase : auto-activation request

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I reached out to the FontBase team recently to ask if they had auto-activation for Affinity apps on their road map. Apparently they have contacted you guys several times about this but they haven't had a reply. FontBase and Affinity are such great pieces of software, it would be amazing if they could talk to each other. Hope something can be done.

If more users can get behind this maybe it will happen.


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Typeface indeed is Mac only.

Typeface does have the ability to auto-activate fonts in Affinity products. I don't know if Serif has done anything particular to make that possible, so I'm wondering if your request should go to Serif or to the developer of FontBase?

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An alternative for font handling on windows would be  eagle.cool, it installs fonts into the system folder which then instantly gets recognized in all Affinity programs, removal/deactivation works too.


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@RNKLN Yes I did reach out to FontBase initially. They've tried to contact Serif several times but haven't had a reply. They suggested if a few Affinity users put in the request, maybe it would get things moving. This was my motivation for posting - let's see what happens. Personally I'm not very hopeful ! 

@myclay Thanks for the suggestion ! I'll definitely check that out. 

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Shame that the developers didn't respond, although I haven't heard their side of the story, of course.

Anyway, this is the preference setting in Typeface for Mac. Nothing specifically done for Affinity, it seems, just for Adobe. Therefore, I'm still wondering if any action is needed on the side of Serif. It could be a Mac related thing, e.g. that any app which wants to do it can somehow activate a font with little effort.



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