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Affinity Publisher Customer Beta - (RC2)

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Status: Release Candidate
Purpose: Fixes and Improvements
Requirements: Purchased Affinity Publisher
Windows Store: Not Submitted
Download: Download
Auto-update: Available


We are pleased to announce that Affinity Publisher Customer Beta is now available as a download from the link above.

If this is your first time using a customer beta of an Affinity app, it’s worth noting that the beta will install as a separate app - alongside your store version. They will not interfere with each other at all and you can continue to use the store version for critical work without worry.

This beta is an incremental update from the 1.9.1 version recently released to all customers (although it still installs parallel to the released version, as described above). We recommend that you use this beta in preference to the store version if you are affected by any of the issues listed below.


  • Fixed regression present in where documents containing missing resources could crash on open


Release Notes for


To be notified about all future Windows beta updates, please follow this notification thread 

To be notified when this Publisher update comes out of beta and is fully released to all Publisher customers, please follow this thread

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I have already written several posts regarding the work of the beta versions, and not one has been fixed. I wanted to switch from indesign, but the program is not yet ready to work properly. You don't know at what stage it will crash. Tables do not work as it should, about this I wrote, the table changes size as it wants (photo attached). It takes a long time to switch between documents (the last document in video is a merge of four text fields, and it takes 237 pages). You have to wait 5-6 sec to switch to it.
Tested on Affinity Publisher Customer Beta


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I know you've said earlier that you know the rules of forum but one reason you may not be getting the help you ask for is because your problem is not listed as a new topic.  For instance your problem listed above is shown as a reply to the announcement about Publisher so it is not evident that you have a problem unless someone just wanted to see what you had commented onimage.png.db8b0fd89f5459c71db4cfc26213d8b5.png

Instead what you should do is open the page Report a Bug in Publisher Beta and then click on  the Start new topic button [shown above]  You could then give your topic a title image.png.be185b7c150fb76aac4225f215234b8c.png eg Tables Not Working Correctly

and then describe your problem as per the page Report  a Bug in Affinity Publisher.  People will then see your topic and know it is reporting a bug and not simply a reply to another topic.  You will probably find that 
a) Serif will locate your problem much more quickly and either suggest a solution or log it to their development team       and
b) other experienced users may well suggest solutions which they have found to work.

Hope this leads to solutions for you


Acer Aspire E51 AMD Radeon E1-7010 processor with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics, Windows 10 Home Version 20H2,  12GB RAM.  
Affinity Designer 1.9.1, Photo 1.9.1, Publisher 1.9.1 Affinity Designer Beta,  
Photo Beta, Publisher  Beta



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