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Feature request: highlight spans of character local styling

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I request a display mode (similar to Text >Highlight Fields) which puts a highlight over all spans of characters styled with anything other than the assigned paragraph style.  In particular, I'd like to be able to quickly scan for spans of "No break" or manually adjusted tracking without having to move my cursor through the entire body of text.

If the assigned paragraph style is Body, and the context toolbar reports Body+, the character at the cursor should be highlighted.  But it should also be highlighted if any of the Character panel attributes have non-default values (e.g., Auto, 0, 100%, Off), like "No break" or adjusted tracking.  These generally do not add the "+" to the style reported on the context toolbar, but should be highlighted.

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Yes indeed, this kind of feature would very much interest me. Back toward the end of the public beta, I commented on it:

For me, the first step would just be to highlight all text overrides, which would already be a big win, but the feature could be expanded to be more powerful. In another post, I even claimed that it "would be the kind of whizz-bang new feature that could motivate me to immediately purchase version 2 whenever it might eventually come out." But as I added even then, I am pretty sure I will buy the next paid version of Publisher on day 1 regardless.

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