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Transform Studio Doesn't Appear to be Affected by Relocated Ruler Origin

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Not sure if this is a bug, or if something needs to be configured that I am unaware of, but it seems to be a bug...

I wanted to establish the ruler origin in an unused corner of my document to draw a figure for later use. After I located the ruler origin where I wanted, I dragged out two guides on the 0 points. Then I drew another line, but noticed that its X/Y coordinates seem to still be in reference to the artboard, not the new origin. See screen clips:


Origin set kind of in the middle of this space. A vertical guide set at X=0 and a horizontal guide set at Y=0. A single stroke line placed along horizontal guide, centered on vertical guide. Centerpoint should be 0,0.


What the Transform Studio actually says.

If I manually type in the X/Y coordinates of 0,0, my object moves out of the visible view area and ends up in the top left corner of the artboard (which is normally 0,0 when the origin hasn't been moved.)

Using Affinity Designer 1.9.1 on OS X 10.10.


- Mike

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