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4 hours ago, ashf said:

It seems that there is no such option, I posted a feature request.


Simply add a shape container, it's just as easy as adding a pixel layer and filling it.

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@ashf Can you explain what you would be able to achieve by adding a repeating bitmap fill to a pixel layer which you cannot do by using a ‘normal’ repeated bitmap fill?
(Plus, you don’t say which application you would like the feature added to.)
Photo, for example, already has the ability to make a repeated bitmap fill via the Gradient Tool and Pattern Layers. Both of which are ‘non-destructive’ ways of making a repeated bitmap fill, whereas putting a repeated bitmap fill on a pixel layer would be ‘fixed’ and less useful in many ways.
Basically I don’t know what you want to do that isn’t already available.

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I know how to do with the way you guys mentioned.

But I just had a question why there isn't repeat option on pixel layers.
I was expecting the same option for all layer type, and I think that's natural and consistent in term of UX.
If users should not use Bitmap fill on pixel layers because it's destructive editing, it should not be available in the first place.

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What do you mean by “repeat option”?
What do you mean by “expecting same option for all layer type”? (Which layer types is it already available on?)
Why should “destructive editing” not be available? (It’s a normal thing to have, and used to be the only thing that was available years ago.)
I think you might need to explain what you want much more clearly as I have no idea what your requirements are.

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See the attachment.
There's an option called "Extend" for vector and fill layer but not for pixel layer.
Only pixel layer shows single bitmap image without being repeated unlike other layers.
Is there any reason it's not available on pixel layer?



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Ah, I see what you mean now, thanks for the image which makes it much clearer.

Yes, you are correct that (I’ve only checked in Photo), when adding a Bitmap Fill to a Pixel Layer, we don’t get the “Extend” options (Wrap, Mirror, Repeat) in the Context Toolbar which we get when adding a Bitmap Fill to a shape.
(I’ve also noticed that we don’t get the “Reverse” option when using the tool in a shape which we get when using it on a Pixel Layer, but that may be a different issue.)
I don’t know whether this is by design, or simply an oversight, as I very rarely use a fill in a Pixel Layer.

However, I have to ask why you would want to add a Bitmap Fill to a Pixel Layer instead of adding one to a shape, which gives you the option to modify the fill later if necessary (rather than the ‘static’ fill you get with a Pixel Layer)?
It sounds like you want to extend the functionality of one ‘tool use case’ when the functionality you need is already present in another (with more/better functionality)?

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No special reason but often I'm still comfortable with destructive way in many situation.
To finish a task quickly, I rather want to use destructive editing instead of non-destructive editing by creating clipping mask or other way.

Gradient tool has the same behavior for both vector and pixel layer except Bitmap type.
Naturally I expected the same behavior for all layer type. and probably many other users will too I think.

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Since the software seems to be moving towards giving more non-destructive functionality – more Live Filters, etc. – I doubt that the older destructive functionality will be getting a lot of attention in the future, but you never know.
You have raised a request so all you can do is wait to see what (if anything) happens, and maybe try different techniques to what you are used to in the meantime – you might find them to be easier to use in the long-run.

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