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Affinity Animator - 2D Animation Program or Feature for the Affinity Suite

Affinity Animation  

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  1. 1. Would you like a seperate App or would you like the feature to be built into the existing programs?

    • I would like a seperate App please.
    • I would like the feature to be built into one or several of the existing programs.

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Hey guys, what's up?

I just did a quick search and noticed that an animation feature of some kind has been requested many times before and I have an idea, although I am not convinced it is the best idea here it is:

When researching for an SVG animator I came across an app that has been highly praised by people on some site I landed on and I would like you to consider buying that company and then building a Windows version of it. It fits as you guys also started out with your MAC verions and then the feedback was overwhelming and the user base of Windows is overwhelming and so you built the Win versions also. So you have experience in that and the program is already finished in so many ways, meaning you don't have to start from scratch and you would gain a developer who obviously knows what they are doing. Keyshape - Create animated vector graphics (keyshapeapp.com)

If you don't like this idea, please make a program or a Persona in Designer to add this functionality, so this here is the plan B sentence, so that people who don't like my idea above can still vote on this gerneal feature request.
And it fits into your whole stealing earning Adobe customers thing as you would offer a replacement for an app that is a huge USP for Adobe right now: Adobe Animate (and AE).
So what do you think Serif Code Makers?

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35 minutes ago, michacassola said:

So what do you think @Andy Somerfield and you other Serif Code Makers?

I think we already have Andy’s answer!


Alfred online2long.gif
Affinity Designer/Photo/Publisher for Windows 1.9.2 • Windows 10 Home (4th gen Core i3 CPU)
Affinity Photo for iPad 1.9.2 • Designer for iPad 1.9.2 • iPadOS 14.4.2 (iPad Air 2)

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2 hours ago, michacassola said:

Please forgive the spam....

 I have removed/edited out all the people you have named as this question has been answered by the developer.

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man. True nobility lies in being superior to your previous self."  W. L. Sheldon


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@michacassolaI mean this completely in an informative manor, and I want to be clear that if it comes off as condescending, I do apologize, but i don't think you quite understand affinity and some of the aspects in the development of Software, and just absorbing another separate application is not the way to do it.

One of the things they are aiming for is fluid work flow. Given the work done on StudioLink, i would say they are doing this through the development of GUI and function modules that work together on a universal canvas core.

It would be a lot harder to pick apart and Frankenstein together code from an application that was made completely outside of the affinity dev environment, then it would be to glue all the internal tools together to get 90% there, with the last 10% being the development of the animation only tooling.

Modularity is a tangle of a beast in software development when it comes to high performant applications, and you can't just slap any old code together. I mean, you could, but maintaining and optimizing such a codebase would be a nightmare.

It would be like trying to assemble clockwork from multiple manufactures of clocks. It could be done, but each creator would have been working off different tolerances, core components available and personal preference, and the end result would be something that ticks, but not very efficient or accurate.

If they did develop an animation application (Affinity Cel. Just putting that name idea out there :P) It would have to build on and work with the prier core canvas and tooling modules. There would also have to be a lot of work done on getting all the prier modules ready for on-the-fly rapid rendering, especially if they want to stick to StudioLinks fluid and interchangeable workflow philosophy.

I will say, however, looking at the performance of affinity at the moment on complex files, I would say animation grade performance is very much in their grasp already.

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An 2D Animation app would be pretty dope. I do not know if it would make sense though since it seems that there are way fewer motion graphics animators than the standard graphic designers. I do not know if the market for it would be big enough to sustain the dev costs with a 55 buck app (probably).

Though, I would not complaint if such a piece of software was for sale by Serif.

I really do hate to use Adobe After Effects and tend to stick to Blender and DaVinci Fusion. These are 2 "free" alternatives that can be used for that. On the Professional Site you got the Behemoth that is After Effects. That not only does 2D Motion Graphics but also a ton more.

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I think this might be the first thread I have read not simply asking for software to be created but to actually buy another company and then make a windows version of that companies product. I think it is a bit strange asking them to create software you want and even more so asking them to buy a company. I have my own crazy ideas, why don't you (the OP) become a large investor in the company, bring in the funds and capital to buy another company, staff it and create and support a brand new product. Sounds like a great idea to me!

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Some of us petition signers are talking about helping the Affinity team with a third part macro plugin to tween and render images to then render again into video files. This would preserve effects and many other features from affinity that all other software destroys. If the affinity team finds time for integrating an animation studio, we won't need to do this, but in the mean time we are happy to try and help out.

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