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French Translation improvement

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I just wanted to help you improve the french translation of Affinity Designer. When you go to "Layer" then "Expand Stroke", you have translated this action by "Agrandir le trait" which is not intuitive for french people (in french we would understand "Make the stroke taller").


Illustrator translates it by "Vectoriser le contour" which makes more sense (even though it's not perfect, at least people using Illustrator won't spend time looking for that feature). I don't know what other French Affinity Designer users think but I do know I've spent a bit of time looking for that feature when I started using Designer months ago.


Anyway, I can't wait for the new update : art-boards, more control over PDF, custom rotation... AWESOME :)!

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I'm a new (happy) user of Affinity Designer. It's globally smooth, user friendly and intuitive for me.

Nevertheless, I got a little bit confused about the layers. There is no default layer, just an artboard if you check the box when creating a new document.
If one creates vector objects without having previously created a layer, then they just appear... like layers. And the "layer" (calque in French) menu is the one used for setting these objects' properties, e.g. if I want an object to be sent background.

I don't know if my explanations are clear but I think that maybe the difference between objects and layers should be more obvious. Or adding a default layer could help too.

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