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100% K CMYK is not black when exported

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Split from this thread.
any actual solutions yet? i understand the on screen bit, but as the OP  quite clearly shows, when these documents set at 100k black are taken into print preview acrobat then there is more CMY than K in the black, it is so frustrating! you can eps the file that will not show 100K even thought set, take that file into AI, it will show 100k instantly and you can pdf it, preview it, and it shows 100k with no adjustments, why is affinity software changing these values on output???

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Hi @feelingprettyred,

I have split your post to a new thread of it's own, so that I can investigate this issue separately for you - please be sure to 'Follow' the post in the top right of this thread to be notified of further replies.

The majority of colour issues are due to colour profiles, either applied to your document, applied at export or to your display through your OS.

Can you please confirm the following for me:

  • What Colour Space and ICC profile are in use in your Affinity document?
  • Do you have an ICC profile applied to your monitor?
  • What export settings are you using in Affinity?
  • Have you changed any of the default settings under Edit > Preferences > Colour?

Many thanks in advance!

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 Just to add a little to this conversation. I had a document with an object filled 0C, 0M, 0Y, 100K. It was CMYK/FOGRA39 in document setup and the PDF export was set to the same. When exported the PDF had a rich 4 colour black. I tried this a few times, using assign, convert, with profile embedded and without. I also tried starting with an RGB document and converting it and also starting with CMYK. After many attempts it worked and gave me the 100% black I needed. Unfortunately I can't quite give you the series of events that led to it working. It now works on all documents.

On a related subject when an RGB black 0,0,0 is converted to CMYK/FOGRA39 it gives the same rich black 89, 69, 72, 97 colour split as the above conversion. It would be better if it gave a 100K black I think, there is very little use for that rich black.

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2 hours ago, RNKLN said:

(Swiss) German

For the record, that's not in Swiss German. That's a Swiss guy attempting to speak German. :D
If you actually do speak German, make sure to set the video playback speed to 2× …

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Yes, it's German with a Swiss accent. I wouldn't be able to understand real Schwyzerdütsch, or whatever they call it.

At his current speed I, as a Dutchman, can perfectly follow him, so it is appreciated.

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1 hour ago, Lagarto said:

It would be nice to hear a prepress professional's comment on this.

I am a pre-press professional! And have been involved with colour management for many years. I both receive files for printing and send files out to other printers. I'm pretty sure that output intent is part of the PDF-X specification. In my comment above I had set everything to FOGRA39 (including within Acrobat) but was still seeing a 4 colour black on export. However, it is entirely possible that human error was part of the problem 🙂 I had expected setting PDF-X compatibility would include output intent. Over the years I have got used to asking customers to select PDF-X, usually 1a 2001, as their output profile and, with very few exceptions, this works.

I am evaluating Affinity's products with a view to ditching Adobe's, I find Adobe's attitude to their customers high handed and essentially focussed on what is good for Adobe. They are dropping support for type 1 fonts in the future and if I am going to have to amend the thousands of documents that I have that include type 1 fonts I might as well take the opportunity to rebuild the files in one of Affinity's apps.

Part of this process is to ensure that output PDFs behave themselves.

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On 4/2/2021 at 3:47 PM, RNKLN said:

Don't know how good your guys' (Swiss) German is, but Michel covers this type of issues in his videos on YouTube.

Thanks for that link! He's tackling quite some advanced stuff in his videos. Subscribed.

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23 hours ago, mchalabardo said:

Export to EPS and you get 100% black. Use distiller to verify/convert to pdf, always works.

It seems that so long as you have a PDF-X profile selected the export works flawlessly.

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1 minute ago, Lagarto said:

Now there is one additional glitch that causes K100 to (truly) convert to four-color-black, and that is when color values of a placed CMYK PDF that is marked (by default) to be passed through will get erroneously translated in certain conditions, especially when using PDF/X based export methods, which so far have worked well. So if PDFs to be passed through are included, it is safest to use "PDF (press-ready)" preset, and turn off profile embedding (which by default is confusingly turned on).

That's useful to know, thanks.

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