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currently, rasterize & trim only affects the active layer.

In case of multiple pixel layers are selected, R&T should affect all selected pixel layers and raster them individually.

I need this for night sky stacking of the moon. A time lapse of 100 images, stacked and aligned, must be R&T before export, as the export persona ignores crop, and would export the images without the alignment (rotation & scaling of layers).

Even with a macro, R&T will take 100 clicks for 100 layers.


Thank you in advance.

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Another good use case where rasterise many layers is when I export web pages as pdfs.

Those PDF's opened in Affinity Designer used in Publisher does render a lot or "too low dpi-warnings" due to Web developers use of  small image objects to create a look.

The solution is to select all images and rasterise them so they become the correct content with enough with pixels. Though now I have to do it over and over again, layer for layer – very tedious!!!

Marking layers with color helps finding them but the rasterise function should be available for multiple selections.

BR Jim

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Yes please.

Absolutely needed to work efficiently with stacks and exported Slices. The current way is utterly tedious and time consuming.


You just have to live and life will give you pictures. – HCB

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