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This feature was requested by me when discussing a bug, so now I'm requesting it here at the right place.


At the moment, when a user has OSX in a non-english language, the OS offers a translation of certain common font styles like bold, italic, regular etc. In a few applications made by Apple such as Numbers or Pages, and also in the Font Book app, these translations are used when selecting fonts from the fontmenu. Most professional design applications however use the original (non-translated) names in the font selection. At this moment, Affinity applications use the translated names, even though the rest of the user interface is English.


I personally think the way OSX translates font styles is quite primitive, and I often encounter fonts where half of the styles are translated in Dutch, while the other half are not translated because the typedesigner chose non-traditional names for these styles. Other design-related applications ignore the OSX translations and use the original style names, which is more practical in a professional environment.


As long as Affinity doesn't offer application wide translation, I personally think it's better for Affinity to ignore the OSX translations, because we now get a inconsistent user interface with two languages.


I'm looking forward to hear how you think about this.

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Since the above post, Affinity for Windows was announced.


I think this only strengthens my case, since using the original style names that are specified by the typedesigner, will help making the software on the two platforms more consistent. Otherwise, communication between multiple designers (working on different platforms but on the same project) could become confusing.

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