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Tracing image with pen tool

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I have a problem with tracing with pen tool:

- some traced letters turned out fine, but N has problems with filling. There is something that I don't understand how to do.

- how can I have the inner sides of the letters with no fill?


Thank you in advance for answering :)


I'm adding the file aslo.


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Hi Spinedesign,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

I've made a quick clip (no sound) to show you how to remove the fill and close the open paths that compose the letter N.


The issue here is that some letters are broken in small paths. They are not closed paths. If you want to just remove the fill, you can change to the Pen Tool and click on the Use Fill checkbox, then uncheck it again as i did in the beginning of the video linked above. This however will not solve the issue with the "broken" paths. You will not be able to fill the letters later if you need to. In the clip i joined the paths of the letter N to form a closed shape and filled it in the end with a solid colour. All shortcuts used appear on the bottom of the clip. Also make sure to enable Snap to selected curves from the Snap section in the context toolbar for the Node Tool as shown to help you overlap the nodes before joining them.


Let me know if you still have trouble.

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Hello Spinedesign
It seems to me that you have too many paths/lines making up the N. Compare it to the M which is only 1 continuos line around the edge. If you redo the N the same it will work.
Also for the letters needing a whole in them like the D make sure they are made of just two paths/lines with the inner one having No fill. Now Select both inner and outer lines in the Layers panel and while they are selected hit the 'Subtract' button in the top toolbar.
Hope this helps.



(Ah, I see MEB got in before me while I was making screen shots! ;) )

macOS 10.14.6  15" Macbook Pro, 2017  |  4 Core i7 3.1GHz CPU  |  Radeon Pro 555 2GB GPU + Integrated Intel HD Graphics 630 1.536GB  |  16GB RAM  |  Wacom Intuos4 M

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Thanks MEB and markw


You both helped me big time.

MEB, thanks for the video, I really appreciate it.

markw, ''substract'' was exactly what I was looking for, because otherwise it let me to change the color but not put the fill on none.

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