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Since I´ve downloaded the new upgrade (v, I have problems while exporting to press quality PDF. Some parts of exported pdf are much lighter colour then the original. On some pages it´s a whole inserted pdf, on some just several texts or few other things like coloured area. I can´t find system in it. It´s not always the same layer nor the same type of thing. All the inserted PDFs are made in the same way and some work, some don´t. The only way I have found to export PDF correctly, is to do PDF for export or PDF digital-high quality. PDF for print or PDF press ready don´t work. My colleagues, who have also downloaded the newer version of Publisher, have the same issue. Before the upgrade it worked just fine for all the exports. But we now can´t open the file in the older version of Publisher nor save the file in the older version.

I attach example of two pages of the PDF to compare.

Has anyone else encountered this bug? Is there a way to fix it?


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Welcome to the Affinity forums @Anna Línková!

Hard to tell where the problem is, without examining the APublisher document. Could you upload the document here or if confident ask a moderator for a private upload link.

Edit: I opened your PDF and breaking the top group solved the problem. So perhaps there is an effect applied to some layers?

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I have Mac Publisher  Ver 1.9.1 (dont know where to look to get sub number versions) but I have the same problem.  Only some (circa 10%) images in the exported pdf are "faded" but these are spread intermittently throughout the pdf document, so it would not seem to be some change (unless of course I made this change several times).  I have attached a pdf showing the screen image as seen in Publisher on the right and the screen image as seen in Acrobat Reader DC on the left.  All the other affected images are similar. Charter


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OK, I didn´t get it was affinity feature. I just tried to zip it. 🤦‍♀️ Sorry, I´m not so strong in these things. Hope this time it works.

Some of the links won´t work, as I am currently working from home and don´t have acces to all of the inserted files. But you shloudn´t need the missing files, because they work in the exported PDF. Otherwise I can ask a colleague at work to submit complete package tomorrow.


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Hi German Printer,   I have tried to copy your suggestions but I have not got it correct.  Attached is a jpg image :  in the top left is the photo of a church as captured from the screen on the Publisher page  ;  below it is the appearance of the exported pdf in Adobe Reader DC following the export preferences shown on the right.  The upper white arrow indicates I had chosen the   Coated FOGRA 39 (ISO 12647-2:2004) and the lower right arrow shows that I accepted the default Present for PDF Print. Any help would be really appreciated. Charter


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Hi again GP,  I do not think it is a problem with Acrobat Reaser DC as the same problem arises with using Mac Preview as my pdf viewer.

I have created a pdf   PageXXForGermanPrint.pdf  without the text fields as they are a joint effort with another and so are presently “non-disclosure” .  

I exported the pdf using the Colour preset as shown in.   ColourPresetPageXX.jpg.   and the pdf options were as shown in     PdfForPrint.jpg.

Please note that i have not chosen “Incompatibility ?”  for PDX/F4, see the white and black arrows, as I do not know how to exclude that.

I have attache the resulting pdf    PageXXForGermanPrint.pdf.  What time of the night is it in Lüdenscheid?




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