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In the Arrange menu, there's an item "Align Layers By Stars". I've seen this function available and working, if I have a document where the layers stem from the Astrophotography Stack.

When I created a new image from TIFFs which contain stacked images (e.g. as the result from Deep Sky Stacker), this menu item is not available.

I don't understand why?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Björn.I am just starting using Affinity for Astrophotography and at about the same place as you it seems.

The reason that the "Align Layers by Stars" is greyed out, not available, is because the stars in the layers are too far out of alignment.

In this tutorial at about minute 8, he dresses this issue.

Good luck.

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Actually, I was making a little bit of progress on that. I didn't report back as I had other posts ongoing in the forum and none of them had seen any reply and hence my impression was and is that with the forum I'm not making any progress on Affinity.

To the topic. It appears to me that it can only detect stars if they have sufficient intensity and contrast. I had images captures with a 12-Bit camera and hence the maximum intensity is just 1/16th of a scaled imaged. In my case, it always helped to stretch the image through changing the white point and align the stretched layer. After aligning, I removed the levels adjustment and continued to edit the image/aligned layers as usual.

Maybe this might be helpful in your case as well!?

Best and clear skies!


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Cheers Björn. At 82 I'm finding it a long, slow learning curve but then, under the  current  circumstances time is in plentiful!

Only started Astro in September last year and losing it but clear skies are a rare thing here in the SW UK at the moment.

All the best.


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