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Hey ! 

Ive got a huge problem.. If I understood well after some research, my project should be saved under a file named Affinity Photo or designer (depending on the app used) in My iPad or iCloud depending on settings..

But here is my issue : CANT FIND ANY OF THOSE ! It drive me crazy haha.. folder are shown when I search for them on FOLDER app but there is nothing I saved in it, plus as soon as I deselect the file, it disappears.. It doesn't exist where it should be ! 


Please help me on this one 


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Hello @azaazelus

I can't access your mp4, so big apologies if this is not helpful.

First: you've checked your App preferences and Default Save Location? This might shine a light?


An exercise that might help you. Work through every step carefully, because this does take a bit of absorbing.

Part One:

  1. Open a Designer file
  2. Document (three dots) > Save A Copy
  3. Save A Copy screen -> touch Save
  4. This should* then let you choose the Files app (You're calling it the Folder app and I assume you mean what I understand to be Files)
  5. Choose On My iPad > Affinity Designer folder (should be listed). You're now manually telling Designer where to save the file to.
  6. Having chosen the Designer folder, then Save
  7. Go into Files > On My ipad > Affinity Designer and check the file is there

>>>  Important: Now, because you've used Save A Copy.. the art you see in the Home screen of Affinity Designer is the original and the one in Files is another one (a copy). They are not the same. You now have two files.

If you touch the file in the Files app, the one you've created using Save A Copy, do you end up with two on the home screen? Yes, should be the answer.

There should be two artworks that look the same side by side. The one on the left is the copy, the one on the right is the original in the app space/memory (possibly cloud).

Part Two:

  1. Rename the original one (using the menu on the home screen thumbnail)
  2. Leave it where it is until you're confident you understand what's happening and where things are stored.
  3. Work with the 'copy'. When you save this one (the copy) from either the home screen or the document menu, it will update the Files app file (You can bob out and look at the file thumbnail in Files anytime to check. You'll see the file thumbnail updates with the time it saved - if in list view)
  4. When you're confident it's all fine, Close the original (menu on home screen thumbanil) - it's then gone (unless you've a random file sitting in Cloud or wherever that you're unaware of)

I then suggest, once you've got  confidence with all this, you then revisit the Default Save Location setting in the app preferences if you need to. Mine is set to 'On my ipad' meaning it saves to the Files app. Save A Copy should by-pass any settings you have that are throwing you off.

This whole saving files thing takes a bit of understanding. I struggled with it when I first started out. Most people I suspect just rely on default settings.


- - EDIT: I'm refering here to what's technically called the "App's Sandbox" with the phrase "App's space/memory". (I tend to stick with non-tech language, not sure it's always helpful). - -

My understanding is that the iPad Affinity Apps keep the art in the App space/memory unless you choose 'Save' from the home screen or the open document (and then it uses the default location setting).

The App space/memory is only visible via the Home button/screen.


A note about Cloud!

*should -> The saving behaviour of Affinity Apps seems to depends on what your cloud settings are to some extent.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Affinity Designer & Photo (iPad & Desktop) + Publisher (Currently Desktop only available).
iPad 12.9"/512GB Gen4 c/w Apple Pencil Gen2 + Macbook Pro 17" (soon to be replaced, hopefully). Nikon D7200 & Fuji X100F

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Thank you for your help !

But this is not what my problem was about ☺️

In clear words when I go to FILES App, there is no files untitled affinity Design, on my iPad or even on my iCloud (but I definitely have project saved on my iPad and iCloud that I can access directly on the home app screen).. So after all what you said I'm now asking myself, is that maybe normal ? 

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29 minutes ago, azaazelus said:

In clear words

Still not really clear.
Affinity stores files in several ways, including the App’s Sandbox, Default storage location  (Affinity folder on iPad or iCloud), or any other location on iPad or network drives.

Files app cannot access an Apps 'sandbox' storage location. It would suggest that if Files app can’t see your .afdesign files it may be that you have not saved them 'outside' of the apps sandbox.

Project icons on the Home Screen can access the apps sandbox. Unless the file is saved externally, the icon will always link to the sandbox file. 

For clarity, could you describe the actual steps you take to save your files. The method used may be helpful in determining where the saved file resides.

IPad Pro 10.5/512GB   lpadOS 14.4 Apple Pencil (1st gen), Affinity Photo,  Affinity Photo beta1.9, Affinity Design 1.9.3, Affinity Designer beta 1.9.20, still waiting for Publisher for iPad

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ok so now everything is clear thank you very much ! I didn't know about Sandbox storage properties.. 

Thank you very much and sorry for having loose your time with such dumb fake problems haha; 


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Glad you've found it @azaazelus, that's what matters.

I did say it takes time to understand it.


For clarification for anyone else reading this thread: Myself and @DM1, are referring to the same thing with "App's Sandbox" and "App's Space/memory".

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Affinity Designer & Photo (iPad & Desktop) + Publisher (Currently Desktop only available).
iPad 12.9"/512GB Gen4 c/w Apple Pencil Gen2 + Macbook Pro 17" (soon to be replaced, hopefully). Nikon D7200 & Fuji X100F

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