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Affinity Designer [] - Bugs of contour tool and expand stroke with visual artefacts

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I have already noticed this solution, but it was not available "like this" until now. 
It seems to be related to the "refresh rate" of the editing window, or it only refreshes when you zoom in and out or switch between documents. 
In addition, the visual artefacts only occur with artboards. No artefacts occur in the normal document, but the bugs of contour tool and expand stroke get worse.




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Now, I´m just trying to reproduce the glitch in a new document, but it doesn´t happen exactly in this moment. Nevertheless, I have to say it doesn´t occur only in artboards, because it has happened to me in normal documents (without artboards) before.


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  • Staff

Hi ChristAlix,

Thanks for your files. I can reproduce that here and I think its happening due to the small artboard size/document size. Removing the artboard does cause the issues to go away, so it could likely be why you've not encountered it before and also why spsorrel isn't able to reproduce it in a new document. Though with that said I can't reproduce on new document with similar size and creation method!

The Expand Stroke, looks to be caused by two nodes overlapping which is a separate issue we do have logged.

I'll get these both passed over to development as vector commands shouldn't really be affected by the document size.

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Experiencing similar artifact issues using the contour tool in the latest release of AD ( I didn't want to create a duplicate thread, so posting here. This happens with OpenCL disabled as well as enabled. Please see the attached video.

Hardware specs: AMD Ryzen 4800h with RTX 2060 (laptop) running Windows 10 20H2. All drivers updated to the latest (Nvidia studio).

PS: I'm also seeing high CPU usage with this release (sudden spikes up to 90-100%), which wasn't the case with the 1.8.x versions. This pushes the CPU temps dangerously close to the 100 degree Celsius mark. The GPU usage remains very low, however, barely exceeding 50% in a stressful document. I know vector programs are CPU-heavy but wasn't the 1.9 version promising full HW acceleration support with the new Nvidia drivers?

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  • 4 weeks later...

It this the new "Expand Strokes Still Sucks" thread? :)

(Or is it this one... or this one...?)

Either way, here's my result in 1.9...



However, pasting it into a new document makes the bug go away, and these are files for a client so I can't share the entire thing.



EDIT: Wow, changed the stroke from round to mitre and the result is actually THE SAME... it expands exactly the same as if it has a round join!!!

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