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 I cannot seem to find a way to solve my problem. I made a shape in Apub and inserted some text in the shape. In Affinity Publisher you have the option through "Text frame" panel to change fill and stroke color of the shape.

I now would like to add a brush to the stroke of the text frame but Brushes are not available in Publisher. No problem I think! I use the studiolink to ADesigner, but here there is no option of "Text frame panel". And I cannot figure out how to change either fill color or stroke color/type/brush of the shape that the text is embedded in, in Designer?

The curios thing is I can make the shape in Designer. Select fill and stroke color/brush style. As soon as you use the text tool and write/insert text in the shape - I have no idea how to change the fill/color of the original shape. The only fill and stroke color I am able to change is that of the text. The appearance panel is no help in either program.

So there are two things I would like to know: Either: add a brush to the stroke of the text frame in APub or, being able to add/change color and brush of fill/stroke of text frame in Designer.

Anyone know how to do it? What panel or menu have I not been able to find?.... Thanks in advance :)

The first image is from Designer /(studiolink) - the second from Publisher


Text frame publisher.jpg

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I would suggest creating a separate shape (not a text frame) for the star, apply the brushed stroke in Designer Persona, and then back in Publisher persona position a text frame without any fill or stroke over the top:





Affinity Photo 1.9.2,  Affinity Designer 1.9.2, Affinity Publisher 1.9.2, Mac OSX 11.2, 2018 MacBook Pro 15"

Betas as they happen... 

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"You can also, after applying the brush in Designer, go back to Publisher, "Convert to Text Frame", and type the text."

True, but as soon as one does that, you loose the option of changing the brush if I want another style of brush - Or am I missing something?

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