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Unexpected behavior - Copying text pics up space

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If I copy text with a space to the right of the text, it will add a space at the end of the pasted text.

If I copy text with no space on the right but a space on the left, it will add a space on the left of the pasted text.

Text copied with no spaces on either side will paste in with no additional spaces - expected result.

See attached video.

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Invisible characters: menu Text > Show…


In my previous test I selected by dragging with mouse-button pressed. When selecting with a double-click, as it seems to be your way of selection in your video, I can reproduce the issue.
The issue is obviously triggered by the way I select the text. So I tried with 3 different apps: • APub, • macOS TextEdit, • Bean.

APub seems to handle both double-click & ctrl-click in a wrong way:
A selection via double-click copies one space, though it isn't displayed as being selected.
• With a ctrl-click APub even selects text, which feels definitely wrong to me. And it also copies the space, accordingly.

TextEdit behaves similar weird: With a double-click it copies the spaces before + after whereas ctrl-click doesn't select and the copy command in the context menu is greyed out.

Bean works as expected for both ways. It doesn't copy a space with double-click and it doesn't select with ctrl-click.

macOS 10.14.6, Macbook Pro Retina 15" + Eizo 27" // Affinity preferred in Separated Mode + Merged Windows

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