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Affinity Designer useless for precise, symmetrical tasks?

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I tried using AD for logo/type design. I wanted to make a lowercase ‘o’, but I didn’t find an efficient way to do so. Below, I’ll describe & depict my different approaches to the task. Please tell me if you know of a better way to achieve my goal, or if you spot the mistake that prevented my method from working. 

Thank you!
1. Selecting multiple handlers
First, I tried selecting multiple handlers, like I can do in Glyphs.app:
Did I forget to turn on some option, or is this just not doable in AD?
2. Mirroring an ark and merging anchor points
Then, I decided to create only one quarter of the whole glyph and to mirror it two times. I managed to do that (even though it would have been easier, if AD allowed me to specify an axis to mirror around). So far, so good. 
The next step would be merging the four overlapping paths. I selected the overlapping anchor points and clicked “join”. But rather than becoming one point, they became connected to each other:
Note: While preparing the footage for this post, I discovered that the real problem might have been caused by inaccurate snapping, as anchor points don’t snap to each other:
(I tried all object-related snapping options in any possible combination.)
3. Snapping handlers to guides
Finally, I decided to give it another try. I set up a couple of helper objects – a pair of parallel lines – where the handlers could snap to. Well … they didn’t snap. I still didn't want to give up yet. So I replaced the two lines with actual guide lines: but my handlers still wouldn’t snap tho them. 
I’d be so damn happy, if you could help me in any way!
PS: Sorry for the stupid, provocative title.

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Hello Smeikx,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)


1) Currently it's not possible to select/edit multiple control handles.


2) With the Node Tool selected, enable Snap to selected curves in the context toolbar, then drag the node over the other until they snap and click on Join Curves from the Action section in the context toolbar. Currently you can't join (or break) more than one node at a time.


3) Currently control handles don't snap to other object or guides, only nodes do it.


Both guides, snapping and control handles will receive improvements later to address some of the workflow issues you describe.

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How is the timeline for the functionality described in this thread.


I like to see the snapping of the control handles to the grid.




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