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Tutorials: Affinity Designer Quick Start

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I watched the free previews and felt that they were fairly clear to the extent that I signed up to view the entire course. As time allows I will go through the 1.9 hours of video. If I develop any positive or negative opinion other than average regarding the course as a whole I may post them here.


As a 'newb' to any design or illustration software whatsoever before I purchased Affinity Designer (and Photo), I can say that I have learned everything that I know thus far by watching Affinity's own videos, participating in the forum, all of the the answers, tips, techniques, and tutorials provided by helpful other forum members, and of course lots of good old-fashioned, hands-on trying to put into practice everything that I learned as soon and often as possible.  I can highly recommend that method to any other 'newbs'.  Although we may not all learn in the exactly same manner, if we make use of every teaching aid available then each of us is capable of learning quickly - and enjoying the process.

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I did in fact go through this whole course and wanted to share my thoughts regarding it. I will start by mentioning the author’s name here, Kezz Bracey, as zeebaf somehow neglected to do so when posting the link. I do not know that she will ever read this but want to send out a thank you in the event that she does.


“Affinity Designer Quick Start” and was just what it said on the tin - a ‘quick start’ guide; but it was in fact a very comprehensive ‘quick start’. It was well organised from the very start and each subsequent ‘lesson’ built upon the previous. Each lesson was brief yet included all of the necessary information for each tool or task. Ms. Bracey began each part by explaining what could be learned in that part and proceeded to show by example how to use the tool or accomplish the task at hand. As I mentioned, this was a very ‘comprehensive’ quick start and after completion of this course anyone new to Affinity Designer will come away fully armed with a knowledge of the tools and prepared to begin creating.

The lessons were presented in such a manner as to be neither too slow nor too fast and should not require the need for anyone to view a lesson more than once to understand the tools (but perhaps some may want to review a lesson if they had any difficulty with a specific concept such as ‘clipping’ or ‘masking’ - which obviously may be quite new for someone who has never been exposed to any type of design or editing concepts). I also felt a certain increase in my level of enthusiasm after each lesson - and I already knew almost everything contained therein; I think that others will feel the same.

All in all I found this not only to be a quite complete introduction to Affinity Designer but also more than enough for most people to jump in and start creating. In her ‘wrap-up’ the author promised follow-up courses in Affinity Designer and in Affinity Photo. This was my first experience with tutsplus, and this author, but I will be checking back regularly to see what she has to offer next! I felt it rather unfortunate that I found no way to comment about this course directly on the webpage on which it was presented to give feedback to the author.


For anyone new to Affinity Designer this course would serve well as a starting point and compliment the wonderful videos provided by Affinity which can then help them to rapidly progress even farther. I highly recommend it and look forward to what else she has to offer.

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Hi jackperdue,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

This course was free sometime ago. Seems they have changed (an expanded) it and is now only accessible through a subscription. I'm afraid there's no way to access it without subscribing. 

Have you checked the Official Affinity Designer Video Tutorials already?

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