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How may one visually rotate a photo, with a random degree rotation, such as 8º, 17º, 58º, by use of dragging the mouse or cursor? 

The Crop Tool does this well, but the result is lost after deselecting rotated image!  Neither  may the rotated result be actually cropped, as a next step. Photoshop does this workflow well, and I wish to avoid work-arounds. 

My solution seems to be the OS screenshot to capture the carefully rotated result. Next open the screenshot to crop or cut away the blank slivers of photo, around the edges. If there is a method for Affinity to retain the rotation and thereafter allow cropping or cutting away the blank portions, please advise.

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Welcome to the forums @boat kinson

Unless I have mistaken your requirements, if you are using Photo (you don’t say, and there are three on three different OSes), and you have simply opened an image file (it’s not clear to me what you are working on), you can:

  • Unlock the image layer;
  • Use the Move Tool to rotate the image layer;
  • Use menu “Document → Clip Canvas”.

See attached video.

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I think you want to rotate only the canvas-preview, not the image itself, like in Photoshop with the Rotate-Tool or in GIMP witH Shift+middle mouse-key and dragging with the mouse, right? In Affinity Photo, you can do this only with the according functions in the View-Menu, and only in 15°-steps. But you can create shortkeys for it. I choosed < (for "rotate left") and > (for "rotate right") for that. And to reset the rotation I use Strg+Shift+<. That is not as quick and free as in GIMP, but it is better than to change the tool and break your workflow, like in Photoshop, I think. It works pretty good. You can do it with just the left hand.

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1 hour ago, iconoclast said:

Sorry, I answered myself by accident. This post is obsolete.

Click on the ‘Options’ link below the posted message, and then click on ‘Hide’. Your redundant post will be hidden from everyone except the moderators.

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Thanks! To  everyone, and GarryP's reply about "unlocking layer" was my missing key. 

The Preview usefulness is still new to my immediate workflow, and to explain this, I am a 29 year user of Photoshop, having stopped upgrading at CS5 some years ago. As a Mac user another app finally forced me to update beyond the CS5- OS  compatibility range, so here I am and likely to stay with Affinity and various App licenses which last some years.

Also, just learning from thatGuy, it so happens that the command key on Mac apparently rotates the image frame with image, but the pivot point is offset for some reason and my scroll wheel might differ from others.

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