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I often find myself wishing I could make a linear gradient fill be curved rather than, well, linear (ie. a straight line). Wouldn't it be cool if you could add a node or nodes to a path perpendicular to the gradient fill path with control handles which could be manipulated as when using the pen tool in standard pen mode to create bezier curvature to the shape of the gradient fill.......

In case it's not clear what I mean, I have attached a quick mock up where:

A is a linear gradient fill applied to a straight object to give a 3D effect of, say, a pipe

B. is the same linear gradient applied to a curved object (the 3D effect achieved in A. is lost)

C. is the gradient following the curve of the object (shading done for this illustration using the brush tool on a pixel layer) where the red line is the bezier path and the blue line the gradient fill path

Just saying.......


Thanks guys !


Bezier Gradient Example.jpg

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53 minutes ago, GarryP said:

You're welcome.

Yes GarryP thank you..lol How did I not see this?? I don't think I have even seen a tutorial showing it either.

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Thanks Bryan - good to know. Most of my work is exported as JPG or TIFF for printing but I occasionally use those vector formats too when the image is for screen use. I often find adding a Gaussian blur effect at 0.5 px radius keeps the pixellation down to acceptable levels even for quite subtle gradients.

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