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from time to time I get layouts made with Xd so I was forced to use this, too. I still love Affinity Designer but there is one function that I really miss in Designer. 

Xd has this option to right click any element and choose "copy SVG code". This is really handy because the same in Designer is:

select element > choose export > switch to SVG > save file > open file in code editor > copy code.

Best wishes,

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This is something that's been requested a few times already - hopefully Serif might prioritize this in the near future as I suspect it would make a big difference as a big 'quality of life/workflow' improvement to lots of users.

Many apps simply adopt a File > Copy As… > {PNG, SVG, PDF, CSS, etc} approach which tends to work well, and enables a variety of file formats in addition to code.


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Yes I know it's there, but I don't ALWAYS want to copy items as SVG. And having to ALWAYS go back to the preferences to turn that on and off is madness, and completely kills any 'flow'. As much as I enjoy aspects of using Affinity apps, it's workflow issues such as these (also see: awkward artboards/layers model, no real vector brushes, no vector pattern fills, no ability to simplify geometry, no plug-ins, etc) that ALWAYS drive me back to other established tools.

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was hesitant all the time, to enable or disable this preference, as I am alternating between print- (CMYK) and screen-layouts.

It is always converting the colours to RGB although I mostly use RGB hex for web and CMYK for print.


It's a very useful feature, though. would be cool to selectively copy per right-click as the OP suggested.

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