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This morning I upgraded my MBPretina (Mid 2012) to the official release version of El Capitan and now bot Affinity Photo and Designer stopped both working. When I try to boot them I get this message:




What I tried so far:


• Reinstalling both Photo and Designer from the MAS

• Resetting the apps by CTRL-click-opening them and resetting all userdata


It seems that this is not a common problem since I seem to be the only one with this problem. Any tips or ideas how I can solve this? I'll be glad to give you more info if needed.





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Hey MattP,

Thanks for looking into it! I can't find any problems in Font Book, but I use FontExplorer Pro as font manager:




I cleared all font caches with fontexplorer, but nu luck.

Can Fontexplorer be the cause of the problem? I can try to uninstall, but that would mean I'd loose a lot of my font organisation. But I 'll try if you think this might cause the problem.


Thanks for your advice,



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No problems, Willem :)  I'm glad you're at least able to try to problem-find this one  - I'm just sorry I can't tell you which one is the culprit... Please let us know how you get on with this - I'd be very interested to know which font(s) cause the problem!


Thanks again,


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Hy Matt,


I hope I can discover which font caused the problem, but I'm afraid we might never know :)

It's just suspicious it happened right after the update to El Capitan. Maybe the new system font has something to do with it? Or the font-permission-things changed in the new OSx? What is the font used in Affinity? Maybe I have a different version of that font activated (I know this used to cause a crash in After Effects years ago).


All the best from Belgium,


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Hi Matt

     I Was Having the Same problem with Designer and Photo and turned out to be a font issue for me as well. It also helped me resolve a issue with several other programs that I haven't been able to open for months.

So I wanted to Say THANKS

PaulB ;)

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