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i can't wait to be able to use affinity as the only graphical application

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my biggest problem is text styles. I'm used to grep and dynamic styles. If you work with texts you know what difference it makes to have this. If it's not grep, expect such a system, perhaps more intuitive.

Another big problem is vectorizing bitmaps. It seems useless to some, but it is great in so many cases.

I see Affinity as the future of graphic design, but first of all I absolutely need to be able to manage text styles dynamically.

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A style that is activated with certain recurrences in order to always activate itself when it meets certain requirements. Grep allows for clever ways of recognizing some situations, but other ways could be used. For example an hour if I express it like this: 12:58 I can find this generic recurrence intended as "number number two points number number" and then I could know that the next two words are to be included. In short, if I have a way to find particular particles in a text and can assign styles, then I am able to import a text and have a large part of facilitated formatting. But we could go even further with the imagination ... for example insert defined objects with certain recurrences ... perhaps symbols or images.

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with smart styles you can format dates automatically by recognizing them. You can define a list of names ... for example all the months and make the month a title, you can make the date numbers be defined differently ... for example for a calendar, you can make that every time a certain name appears, that of a company, it is bold and maybe colored ... in short, the styles conceived in this way save a lot of time. Affinity is prodigious and I really want it to come to that.

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