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Using Publisher 1.9.0 on MacOs 11.2 I run into the following.  I've created a large pdf with hyperlinks.  After exporting the hyperlinks don't work.


I've also created one using Publisher 1.8.3 on MacOs 10.13.6 with no problems.  When I open the pdf on the newer system it works, but when I open de Afpub file on the newer system and export it, again the links don't work.


Bug or setting?  I'm lost.

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Thanks Garretm30.  Indeed, I completely overlooked the "more" button.  I wasn't very sharp after hours of working on this document.  But previous times I created such a document I did'nt encouter the settings being as they were now.  Problem solved, however, thanks again.

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Yup:40_rage:! This is true! Any PDF created by any another app and then saved as a new PDF will lose the imported Hyper-Links this was just a few moments ago confirmed to me by Affinity Tech Support, but they had to talk to the Development team to confirm because support was unaware that you could not use the links perviously made even when you open the Pdf just to read it. I was told that someday this lack of function will be addressed but there is no timetable for it, I truly despise Quark which had been my default app prior to switching to Affinity but I feel like I am being forced to go back to Quark or Adobe. The Affinity Team is aware of this issue and apparently the suggestion list contains this as a must fix. But as I was told within the past few minutes there is no firm commitment or date for improvement. I want to know why did not Affinity tell prospective buyers that this feature was not supported currently? Why when they list all of the things that Publisher can do, why not admit to possible users, that this feature does not exist? Some of us might have thought several times about abandoning our previous default apps in favor of this one. One thing that I am thankful for is that I did not allow Publisher replace my original PDF when I did the Save As! Had I done otherwise I could have lost a document that contained at this moment over 11,000 links. God is good… 

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