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SVG export an Blender 3D

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I think there is a SVG export bug in newer versions of Affinity Designer. The old Affinity Designer 1.1.2 works great with Blender, the newer ones do not.


In detail:


I use SVG-files to import curves in Blender 3D. In Blender, i use a simple BezierCircle as a Bevel-Object. Normally, you then get a 3D-tube following the SVG-curve you have imported. 

-> This works with SVG-files from Affinity Designer 1.1.2, Corel Draw X6 an also iDraw 2.5.1 

-> It does not work with Affinity Designer 1.3.5 (in any SVG export mode)


I attached some SVG and Blender 3D example files to show this problem.


Do you know a solution?


Thank you very much for Affinity Designer - I really love to work with it.



Jörn Seger


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I took a look at this since I use Blender as well. I figured out the problem after going through a bunch of tests myself. It's due to the width and height properties. Designer 1.3.5 sets width and height to 100% for both, this causes Blender to import at the smallest scale possible. If you define the width and height to a non-percent, it works how it should. Designer 1.1.2 defined the width/height to an actual number, as well as all other svg exporting apps you mentioned.


You can open the svg file with any text editor, just remove the % sign from the width and height, even width="100", height="100" works, or increase it if you don't want to have to scale within Blender.

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Thanks for that, laneallen :) I think we need to add an export option to allow the user to decide if it should be percent-based or absolute sized - it was only changed to percent because users were attempting to export SVG for use in scalable elements in browsers and it obviously failed.

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File > Export > SVG > More and unchecking the Set viewBox button works!

I saved it as a new preset 'Blender'.


Great support here - thank you very much!!

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