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"Expand stroke" results are not precise

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Hey there,


While my general impression of AD is very good, I stumbled upon an annoying bug. After expanding a stroke I noticed that some straight lines have become slightly curved. While this can be fixed manually, it should lead automatically to the desired result, don't You think?  :)


The screenshot shows the expanded stroke on the left, and the original stroke on the right.


Kind regards, and keep up the great work,




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I suppose I can ask this here.


When selecting a high value of line width on relative small objects... something like this appear. Strange forms. It's this natural or a little bug?




I suppose that theoretically the objects (red) should be all covered by that big width(black)

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I think Ash mentioned this to me about 2 months ago, but I've not had time to resolve it yet - I need to check the winding direction of the inner path and remove it completely if it was caused by the inner line weight overlapping itself. So, ultimately, you'll probably not see the inner object in this case.

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