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Keep selected tool while changing brush

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Is there an easy way of disabling the "Associated Tool" option globally (without duplicating all brushes and changing it in each brush)?

Recently I've bought some packs and most of the included brushes have tools associated with them. Sometimes I want to use these brushes as they were supposed to be used, but I'd like to have some flexibility and try new things.

I know that all brushes can be copied as separate versions with "Associated Tool" set to "No associated tool", but it creates a huge mess in my brushes library when i have to have each pack/set duplicated.

Is there maybe an option that i missed in the toolbar/menu/preferences somewhere?

I'd be really grateful if you could help me with this.

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That's not the same problem, but the thing in common is that it's also impeding painting. The brush selection bug which you brought up results only in not showing what is selected, it's annoying, I agree, but it's not the same issue. 

My problem that i mentioned forces you to duplicate your brushes categories/libraries if you want easily accessible customizable brushes. If you buy brushpacks on affinity store some of them have default associated settings which cannot be easily turned off gloabally(to override single brush associated settings without changing the base brush settings) 😞

  • Tool
  • Blending mode
  • Wet edges
  • Wet edges profile

I don't know who thought it's a good idea to force the user to only use default settings, cause the only other option is to change all settings in every brush every time if you want to paint using different method or duplicate all libraries multiple times, if you want to have easy access every time. 

The only good thing about these settings associated with tools is that nobody yet thought of adding "associated color"...that would've been a nightmare.

To better illustrate the issue:

Let's say you have 10 brushes, each of them with all associated settings set to some random value so that it's different for every brush, and you don't know what you'll get after each brush change(that's often what really happens when you use a brush pack which you've paid for)

For the sake of the story let's say that each time you're starting a painting session you want to use one different combination of: tool, blending mode, wet edges, wet edges profile for the entire time.

Affinity Photo now has:

  • 31 blending modes for brushes
  • 17 tools available for brushes
  • 2 wet edges settings for brushes(ON/OFF)

So if you'd want to have "easy" access to each combination, as of right now you'd have to have 31*17*2 duplicated sets of your original 10 brush set... which is 1054 combinations. Not even taking wet edges profile into account :)

Proposed solution:

So maybe the better solution to improve user experience would be just to add "brush override settings" in the context toolbar. It could consist of 1 checkbox(override associated settings) and then if user chooses to enable it- 3 dropdowns + 1 profile selector for wet edges could appear. Each of these settings would override current brush settings if set to any other value than "no associated tool/blending mode/wet edges".

I've read something about "sticky" brush settings 2 years ago on this forum, it's similar in some ways but it would keep the settings between brushes, not just temporarily saving it to one brush.

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