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.afdesign/.afphoto store unnecessary data and complain about it

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I recently deleted a font folder that (I think) was installed by MS Office. Now when opening .afdesign or .afphoto files i get an error alert;

Missing Fonts
Some fonts for 'someDocument' are missing. The document might not appear as you expect.

The following fonts are missing:

The error shows on all documents, even ones that dont have, and have never had any text objects.

New documents dont show the error but resaving old documents does not fix it.

nb; I have never used Arial for anything so Im not sure why it chose to complain out that one.


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I could be completely wrong (it's early here!) but Arial is a system font that is always installed, but is sometimes accidentally uninstalled by Adobe's uninstaller - I think? It's probably your document's default font which is why it's complaining that it can't find it. Take a look at the help with regards to saving document defaults - you should find you can select any font you like as the document default and it will stop complaining. Interestingly, I'd actually suggest reinstalling Arial as it's normally on your system unless something has accidentally removed it.




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