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Getting rid of keystoning

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To "straighten" an image - that is, make its verticals parallel to one another and its horizontals also parallel to one another - I've had to open my Photoshop CS6 images in CS5 and go to the crop tool. There I can grab a corner (say the top left corner) of the crop tool and align the left side of the crop with the verticals at the left of the image. then the same with the other three sides of the image. CS6 no longer allows me to straighten this way, as far as i can tell, which is why I have to reopen the image in CS5.


Can I straighten an image in a similar way in Affinity Photo? The Straighten tutorial only covers straightening by rotating horizon lines or single vertical lines, not the more comprehensive straightening I describe above.


I'm attaching Before and After images that illustrate the proceedure I described above:




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