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Grouping a text box with a form with transparency gradient results in larger text

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In designer 1.9, when you group a text frame and a form with transparency gradient, the final text size is larger than the original if the text frame has been resized previously.

Steps to reproduce result:

  • Create a text frame and write some text
  • Enlarge the text frame dragging the resize handler (The one that enlarges both frame and text)
  • Create a form and apply a transparency gradient to it
  • Group the text frame and the form. Text gets enlarged in the same proportion that it was enlarged before.

Note that this only happens when grouping (with menu, contextual menu or command+G), but it does not happen if you manually place the text frame into the group moving its layer, so the error is in the group action itself and the resize being reapplied to the text..



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