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hi there,

came to the forum looking for the same answer. but i am afraid that there is none. (given that i understand you correctly)

going through the forum I only found the following two old threads with actual comments from @MEB (affinity support team) on the issue. looks like the request for rotation method on non touch devices was answered by said function (mouse wheel and ALT).

my workaround:
not sure, what you are using, but my tablet (xp-pen pro 15.6) has a control wheel and 6 buttons. one of which i assigned the ALT key to. a workaround and still a pain in the butt as i have to move my hand from the keyboard to the tablet for every rotation, but still better then clicking R 2 million times (okay 24 times) or dropping my pen just to use the mouse wheel...which would be the only alternatives.

it's a shame because I was really surprised on how well drawing with Designer works (bravo Affinity 👌). (still looking for a windows desktop alternative for the best vector drawing app out there on touch devices - Concepts - not usable on a tablet at all for the same rotation issues.)



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