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Wilfred Hildonen

Animation and iPad Pro

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This is two "requests" in one - or rather suggestions and kudos as well.

I've been working with digital illustration along with analogue since I bought my first Mac in 1998 and although I have done some logos etc. and during a period even had Illustrator and now have a few other vector based alternatives, I never really got into vectors. It felt slow and frustrating, especially since I work very fast and don't have the patience to read instruction manuals - and perhaps also since math is not my force, although one doesn't need to know math to work with vectors, but it shines through that it is code based instead of pixel based - or something like that. A "mathematical" approach to creativity. 

But this Affinity is different. I think you have nailed it. I don't know how, but to me it is just to dive in and start working and I can already work almost as fast as I am used to and that is not bad after less than a week. It would still be good to have a manual which goes into the finer details, and I hope it is in the works. 

I have also tried to work with animation, but it is even more frustrating than vectors used to be. I am using Toon Boom Studio Express, Toon Boom Studio and Toon Boom's Harmony Essentials and the latter is the better, but it is still not where I wish it was. I am sure you people could do it that way :D Oh well, but I guess you have your hands full, but I am hoping that there will come an animation application which makes 2D animation just as easy to get into as vector is in Affinity (you should pay me for all these nice words!)


But if files made with Affinity would work well with said programmes, that would also be fine. So far, they don't :/

And yes, I am planning to get the new iPad Pro. How about a vector app for that one? With support for CMYK since some illustration still need to be ready for print...


I am dreaming of a white Christmas...

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