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Waiting for Affinity Publisher even more now ..

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I create a lot of simple design projects with MS Publisher for Mac .. well in 2016 for Mac, they took the Publisher view away. 


Now I'll be using Designer for these projects .. but I can't wait to see what Affinity's Publisher/Press brings to the table. 


ps I have Adobe Illustrator & Indesign .. but they're too complicated for the simple designs I need to create. Thanks Affinity. 

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I think many people are excited and looking forward to Affinity Publisher because there just aren't all that many choices in the layout space. Plus with Designer and Photo, Affinity has given us some great tools that are very powerful with a new approach to doing things that is refreshing and so we, the users, are hoping for (and some are expecting) something similar with Affinity Publisher ;) . 


I wasn't aware that you could open or even view Microsoft Publisher files on a Mac (without exporting them or converting them to a PDF file) but I don't use Microsoft Publisher. I know that it is popular with some people but to be honest, Microsoft Publisher is absolutely horrible. Sorry, to be fair I think that Microsoft Publisher is fine for what it was designed for, for simple home or personal use. It was not designed for nor should it be used for professional design. Even if you are not a professional and you intend to have something commercially printed, don't use Microsoft Publisher. Sure many print shops will take your job but believe me, you will have to pay a higher price for your job because they will have to mess with your file to get it to print properly (and undoubtably there will be problems). So if you have Indesign and you do work that is printed by a professional printer, I would recommend using Indesign instead of MS Publisher (at least until Affinity Publisher is released). At the moment I use both Indesign and Quark Xpress but I'm looking forward to seeing what new and interesting tools and ideas that Affinity can bring to the layout space. While you are waiting for Affinity Publisher, if you need to open MS Publisher files on the Mac, you could use Libre Office (https://www.libreoffice.org/discover/libreoffice/) as I believe it will open MS Publisher files on a Mac (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/6146917?tstart=0). I don't know how well it works nor whether or not it produces files that are acceptable to commercial print shops but it should allow you to open them on a Mac and then export them easily as a PDF. 



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