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BUG: AD 1.3.5 - Strokes clipping and not attached to objects

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Hi there,


I'm currently using the Affinity Designer 1.3.5 Trial. Not sure if this is an issue specific to the trial or if it has been noticed before.


1. Create an object (ie: red circle)

2. Stroke 100pt, Outside.

3. Change the size of the object, large and small.

4. The stroke doesn't "stick" to the object, parts of the stroke clip and at small size the stroke starts to get square/octagnal shapes on the inside which change based on the shape of the object.





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Hi CrimsonFlash,


and welcome here …  :)


No, this phenomenon is not confined to the trial version (and that is to be expected, since the trial version is essentially the same as the app store version). I was able to reproduce it as well. Looks like an interference … when the diameter of the circle gets smaller than the stroke width, these strange artifacts (polygons) start to appear …  :huh:


Cheers, Alex

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Hi CrimsonFlash


There is definitely something funky going off here. It think it's with the stoke being to large it's overlapping itself and sort of 'cancelling' itself out. I'll get this logged to see if we can improve this


In the menatime, try ticking scale with object on the stroke panel, this will scale the stroke with the circle and stop it becoming detached



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