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[FAQ] How can I disable OpenCL compute acceleration on Windows?

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Our 1.9 updates added support for OpenCL compute acceleration on Windows which is enabled by default. It can be disabled in the app by going to Edit > Preferences > Performance and unticking Enable OpenCL compute acceleration.

However, if you're having issues launching the app and you suspect that OpenCL compute acceleration is causing the issue you can manually edit PerformancePreferences.xml in %AppData%\<APPNAME>\1.0\Settings\

You will need to change the following line from: 




Please be aware that if you haven't been able to launch the app since updating to 1.9, you will not have this line and will need to add it just before the </Settings> closing tag like so:


Once you've made these changes, please try and launch the app again.

More information about OpenCL compute acceleration can be found here: Hardware acceleration (affinity.help)

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