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Make crop tool more "Photoshop-like"

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I love AP, but the cropping still needs some work:


Whenever I crop an image, I come across the fact that the crop tool in Photoshop is somewhat better than the one in AffinityPhoto. I love the way one can see the whole image whenever clicking on the crop tool. I know that AP's crop tool is non-destructive and it would be great to be able to see the "cropped" part of an image.


Also, when straightening a photo (either by rotating or by using the "straighten" button and drawing a line), it would be very helpful, if AP resized the crop automatically, resulting in no blank space inside the crop. I think, Photoshop does it.


And again, it would be great, if the default mode for cropping was "original ratio". Or at least make AP remember that setting!


To sum up: Although I hate to compare AP to Photoshop, I think that cropping is an area that needs work and Photoshop shows, how it can and should be done!




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